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Yes ... I invite you to come into My World. Please just take a moment of your time to listen to Alan Parsons "Temporalia"

...... then you will know WHY !    

Walter Francia

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[ Alan Parsons "Temporalia" : 1 minute ]

The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others.

Often is Art conected to charity. I can look back to the last years with Great Memories of the things that happend around my art, but my contribution with one of my artworks to the Charity Event of the Mieke Huigens Foundation (Laren, The Netherlands) is something I am really proud of it.

The Mieke Huigen Foundation supports a hospital in Zambia - Africa, and various education projects in Africa, South America and Asia.

Picture: Walter Francia's ArtWork Donation and Angeli van de Kerkhof [Mieke Huigens Foundation]

The Spanish Association Against Cancer Gala 

WALTER FRANCIA Art-Studio at an Event where we always need to be there and support!

The Spanish Association Against Cancer celebrates a Gala evening every year to raise funds at the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina - Marbella, Spain

Painting / Untitled / Oil on linen

Private Collection, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Exhibition 'Westenwind' - Kasteel Groeneveld

[Groeneveld Castle]

Baarn, The Netherlands

Conceptual Photography

Series On-THE-MOVE


Painting / Untitled / Oil on linen

Commission / Private Collection, Leiden - The Netherlands

Walter Francia

It is a great pleasure to offer you the Film #inFinito

#‎inFinito > A Jos Mitsunaga Film - Concept Jos Mitsunaga and Walter Francia. Inspired by Chazia Mourali.

The movie is about the boundless mystery and the concept of infinity. Featuring: Walter Francia, Laura Fygi, Wim de Roos, Edwin Becker and Edmond Fokker Van Crayestein.

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